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  • 1 hour ago
  • @infinitycat @LanceCo pretty sure a dude in a denim jacket w/ a trans-am does slow-mo donuts in our parking lot to DP's "Kids" solo
    1 hour ago
  • @AdamBritten and now we are finally together, as it should be.
    2 hours ago
  • @sarahrodeo oh man where tho
    3 hours ago
  • @Ian_Eastwood usually people END their 21st at Denny's but either way is cool, hope you had a great time!
    4 hours ago
  • Paninis are funny cause at some point a dude was like "yeah that sandwich was pretty good but I don't know, maybe make it way flatter?"
    19 hours ago
  • @HarperPerennial it is often those who seem most joyful that harbor the deepest sorrow
    20 hours ago
  • Do you think the claw machine claw gets lonely when no one wins for a while, aching for the plush touch of fleeting companionship?
    20 hours ago
  • @benchprep We support this hypothesis.
    20 hours ago
  • Pretty sure he said that.