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  • det. crud: nahhh, i'm jus playin. it's halloween, go nuts. sugar snake: wait, what? really?! det. crud: yeah man i'm not even a detective
    34 minutes ago
  • sugar snake: dang. it just got so real. det. crud: it all ends here. sugar snake: take me away then.
    34 minutes ago
  • det. crud: no you're not buddy, you're just a forty year old dude with a sugar addiction and a poorly put-together snake costume. face it.
    35 minutes ago
  • sugar snake: you'll never catch me! i'm the ssssssugar sssssnaaaaaake! *moves tongue in and out all serpent-like and gross*
    36 minutes ago
  • werewolf: *howls* *runs away* sugar snake: traitor! det. crud: stop right there, buddy. you're under arrest.
    37 minutes ago
  • *detective crud spots a werewolf and a snake outside* det. crud: sugar snake! put your hands in the air! drop the pillow cases of candy!
    38 minutes ago
  • det. crud: yeah just like, you know, the cops. i'm part of the cops. jen: sure dude. det. crud: i must be on my way.
    39 minutes ago
  • det. crud: thank you very much, ma'am. i'll be on my way. jen: um who do you work for? det. crud: the main police jen: the main police?
    39 minutes ago
  • det. crud: did you notice anything strange? jen: he was with a werewolf? det. crud: well it is halloween. jen: oh, word, word.
    41 minutes ago
  • det. crud: when? jen: about 5 minutes ago, he trick-or-treated here and also pocketed all our sugar packets.
    42 minutes ago
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