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  • That dang Easter Bunny better not come in here and start hiding all our eggs tonight we've got a business to run like stop.
    20 hours ago
  • Yesterday
  • "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't choose." -Friday Night Lights: The Diner Years
  • @_xkashia lol well we're open
    2 days ago
  • I think there's gonna be some huge, weird reveal on the #ScandalFinale tonight...
    2 days ago
  • "What kind of secret paradise is this?" -most customers coming in late night
    3 days ago
  • 3 days ago
  • @clamSOS no problem zoe, we got you
    3 days ago
  • feeling down? have a bacon. *cradles you like a newborn while you eat a bacon*
    3 days ago
  • @KaePlaysSGRUB not only can you, we encourage it.
    3 days ago