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  • never ask an egg "what's crackin?" it's very rude.
    19 hours ago
  • you think the photographer who started "say cheese" was creepin' around spying on people's smiles, recording word/face combos in a notebook?
  • *AIR HORN* COLLEGE SLAM DUNK CHAMPIONSHIP, POPULATION: YOU. Peep the rules, then tag it w/ #DennysDunkContest
    2 days ago
  • *stops furiously scribbling amidst dozens of coffee cups* there is no dress. it is not the dress that changes colors, it is only yourself.
    3 days ago
  • Last chance to register to win a cruise aboard the #FantasticVoyage with @DennysDiner & @TomJoynerFound!
    3 days ago
  • "we are chill, we mean no harm. give us some fries." -llamas, probably
    3 days ago
  • those llamas just out there trying to get some new snacks
    3 days ago
  • On a very special episode of The Grand Slams, we answer one of life’s most important questions: can pancakes get abs?
    3 days ago
  • can't get this jpegg to load
    4 days ago
  • @MoreWillie @brandimarie uh oh, strike one - its moons over my hammy. just kidding... but seriously...
    5 days ago