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  • everyone is welcome at denny's yes even the dreaded laramie
    3 days ago
  • we wanted to make a video of 3 grandmas eating at a denny’s for the first time but all grandmas have already eaten here
    4 days ago
  • Hit the syrup too hard and it’ll hit back.
    4 days ago
  • our twitter is run by an egg but our blog is assisted by tumblr dad marty, and he finally won something! #dads
    4 days ago
  • he scream at own egg :V he whisper at own egg :v
    4 days ago
  • if time doesn't exist does being open 24/7 mean we're open for eternity, never, or some unknown option?
    5 days ago
  • 'cause baby i'm a daydream dressed like a diner
    1 weeks ago
  • shouts to all the denny's fam! what are you getting up to this saturday night?
    2 weeks ago
  • why would 2 buds want to be naked and afraid in a jungle when they could be clothed and comfortable in a denny's?
    2 weeks ago
  • just like, turn the entire internet into breakfast. everyone would probably be happier.
    2 weeks ago
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