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  • .@Miguel0_0 @Drake from the unreleased "tears in my syrup" mixtape
    10 hours ago
  • scientists have figured out a way to unboil an egg. but when will they figure out how to unbreak a heart ?? :(
    10 hours ago
  • 🙎: what do u want 2 do? bc tomorrow.. ⛄️: tomorrow i wont exist? thanks kim 🙎: lets go 2 dennys! ⛄️: how? u gonna carry me? think it thru.
  • *drinking coffee, working from the diner* *cracks knuckles* *begins typing* Did Brandspeak Cause The Snowpocalypse?
  • oh is that big sean's album lol alright well maybe paul can still jump on it who knows
    2 days ago
  • maybe a secret track where newcomer paul mccartney raps about his syrup preferences while playing a banjo
    2 days ago
  • "yeezus" did big things for croissants, what does have "dark sky paradise" have in store for breakfast?
    2 days ago
  • the most objectifying part of the miss foodiverse pageant is the zucchini portion of the competition
    3 days ago
  • @Sadieisonfire we'll think about it
    4 days ago
  • .@Seinfeld2000 jary & krame go 2 dennys jary: honestly i am emotionaly cripled & so alone, my heart an abyss *krame drinks 2 much coffee!*
    5 days ago