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  • if you spot a nannerpuss please photograph the wild creature and let us know! #nannerpusswatch
    23 hours ago
  • also, there is a denny's 3.5 miles from the convention center if you want to come hang! all characters & costumes welcome.
    23 hours ago
  • if you're at SDCC please remember to be respectful of your fellow convention-goers! a cool costume is not a free pass for unwanted contact.
    23 hours ago
  • "why you gotta be so rude? don't you know i'm hungry too? why you gotta toss that food? you ain't gonna finish it anyway."
  • things that are "rude": -not letting a guy marry your daughter -throwing away leftovers without offering them to your friends first
  • Man Sends Wife Spreadsheet Of All Her Excuses Not To Have Eggs
    2 days ago
  • bacon calls up sausage like "sup man, you wanna meat up later?"
    3 days ago
  • .@DierksBentley come back any time, we'll save a booth for you and your bag.
    4 days ago
  • america’s diner, born and raised/ in a denny’s is where I spent most of my days...
    4 days ago
  • moons over my hammy is not only a delicious sandwich but also an elite yoga pose* (*probably?)
    6 days ago