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  • It's the hard-boiled life for eggs! It's the hard-boiled life for eggs! 🎶 🎶 Boiled & heated, we get cracked 🎶 🎶 It's the hard-boiled life!
    22 hours ago
  • GUYSSS OUR SERVER WAS HACKED!!?!!?>!!:{}{:??!! oh wait… never mind, she’s fine. just a little leg cramp. ur food will be out in a minute.
  • give me all of your tree syrup now #nationalmaplesyrupday
    2 days ago
  • happy birthday to the mayor of the sunset strip, Rodney Bingenheimer! long live denny's fam. cc: @kroq
    3 days ago
  • i'll be home for dinner #dinercarols
    4 days ago
  • jingle buns #dinercarols
    4 days ago
  • booth christmas #dinercarols
    4 days ago
  • frosty the doughman #dinercarols
    4 days ago
  • *waits patiently*
    5 days ago
  • taylor if you go out for yr birthday in downtown nyc tonight we will be waiting to server you breakfast at midnight. yr free grand slam!
    5 days ago
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