Our Food

Whether it’s finding new sources for better ingredients or our long history of handcrafted quality, Denny’s is proud to stand by the quality of our food.

Hamburger with Fries

Quality Ingredients

Our entire team believes in serving the highest quality food—with every decision we make and every entrée we plate. To do that, Denny’s works with suppliers to promote responsible sourcing and to set goals toward the future.

Plant-Based Meal Options

Denny’s guests have varied dietary preferences, and for decades, we’ve offered several plant-based items to meet our guests’ specific needs. In 2023, Denny's partnered with Dr Preager's to extend these offerings with a high-quality, meatless protein. We are exploring additional plant-based protein items that our guests can enjoy all day.  

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Eggs Eggs

In 2016, Denny’s pledged to source and serve 100% cage-free eggs in all U.S. restaurants by 2026. With the increasing availability of a cage-free egg supply, we are on target to hit our goal of 100% by 2026.

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Cattle Cattle

As is true with every element of our supply chain, ensuring the humane treatment of cattle remains a priority for Denny’s. We continue to emphasize our purchase preference with suppliers who use polled breeding stock versus the practice of dehorning cattle.

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Chicken Chicken

Denny's understands the issues surrounding the welfare of broilers in the supply chain and supports the humane treatment of these animals. We are continually working with our suppliers to establish higher welfare outcomes for chicken and maintain standards that have been certified by the PAACO and in close partnership with the National Chicken Council.

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Pig Hogs

Denny's is proud to work with suppliers that meet or exceed industry animal care standards and share our commitment to healthy and properly cared for livestock. Because of our values for animal health and welfare, we are working on phasing out the use of gestation crates for the purpose of housing pregnant sows in the U.S. 


Currently, 32% of our pork supply is sourced from suppliers that either use group housing systems or do not house confirmed pregnant sows in gestation crates. We have a target to improve to at least 50% by the end of 2028, dependent upon supply constraints for some products, market conditions and elevated costs.


Denny’s pledges to make measured and meaningful improvement, and we will continue to track and transparently report our progress annually.

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Turkey Turkey

Since 2011, we have been using suppliers that practice the most humane slaughter method (CAK) and have proudly received recognition from leading animal welfare organizations for our commitment. We regularly emphasize the importance of adhering to appropriate guidelines and protocols and are a proponent of humane treatment at every phase of our turkey supply chain. 

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Striving for


At Denny's, we are committed to serving quality food and engaging with suppliers who operate with humane and sustainable practices.

Animal Welfare and Sustainable Products

We believe our guests care about how their food is sourced-- and so do we. Denny's is proud to partner with suppliers who share our values of ensuring livestock are healthy and properly cared for. Our suppliers meet or exceed industry animal care standards and share our commitment to continuous improvement in policies and practices wherever possible. While the restaurant industry continues to experience supply chain challenges, we will work with our suppliers, scientists, and experts to maintain a high standard of ethically sourced food products.

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Sustainable Supply Chain
Our vendor recruitment program is rigorous, requiring vendors to meet or exceed all food safety standards. At Denny's, one of our top priorities is working in partnership with our suppliers to promote the best responsible sourcing.
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