Animal Welfare

At Denny’s “We Love to Feed People” and these people, our guests, love to eat meat! Feeding people, therefore, comes with great responsibility to responsible sourcing and supply chain management. We know how we do things matters so how the products in our supply chain are sourced; how the animals in our supply chain are cared for; and how we lead and participate in supply chain evolution for the sensible health and welfare of the animals have been and remain important parts of our sourcing strategy and requirements. We are proud of our long-standing commitment to animal welfare and to support the following initiatives:

Cage-Free Eggs

In 2016 Denny’s proudly announced its pledge to source and serve 100 percent cage-free eggs in all U.S. restaurants by 2026. We’ve been committed to quality food and a true diner experience for over 60 years and this is just another way of honoring that commitment.

Responsible use of Antibiotics

Denny’s supports the responsible application of antibiotics for the sole purpose of maintaining animal health managed through veterinary oversight. Additionally, Denny’s has committed to eliminate the use of medically important antibiotics in all chicken served at Denny’s U.S. locations effective with purchases beginning March 1, 2019.


We continue to emphasize our purchase preference with suppliers who use polled breeding stock versus the practice of dehorning cattle.


Since 2012, we have been committed to sourcing our pork from suppliers that practice the limited use of gestation crates for the housing of sows.


Since 2011, we have been using suppliers that practice the most humane slaughter method (CAK), and have proudly received recognition from PETA for our commitment.

Broiler Chickens

Denny’s understands the issues surrounding the welfare of broilers in the supply chain, and stands in support of producer changes to improve the ethical treatment of these animals. By 2025 our goal is to achieve the following improvements as supplier capabilities evolve:

  • Denny’s has been a longtime proponent of humane stunning methodologies for all agricultural animals, including but not limited to chickens. We will move toward controlled atmosphere processing utilizing a multi-step controlled atmosphere processing system that induces an irreversible stun.
  • Denny’s supports the development of healthier bird strains and will transition to strains of birds that demonstrate higher welfare outcomes.
  • Reduce stocking levels, to insure adequate mobility for different live weight grow out targets and prohibit broiler cages.
  • Provide environmental enrichments, including litter and lighting improvements in collaboration with responsibly evolving industry views. Specifications will be set forth in applicable vendor contracts, which will allow third party audits.

At Denny's we will continue to work in partnership with our suppliers, regulatory agencies and policy makers to promote overall responsible sourcing, and to refine our strategies as information, availability and supplier capabilities evolve. We acknowledge the good intentions of RSPCA, adherents to GAP, and the positive influence on our policies and industry change. We acknowledge the good intentions of the many responsible breeders, producers, veterinarians and research agencies, all working in the interest of the animals and the public. We acknowledge the tension between evolving points of view, conflicting data and research methodologies as well. We especially appreciate our customers and all the influencers in our industry that likewise acknowledge and recognize our good intentions.

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