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Image: Fantastic Four in Theaters August 7

We’re sending one fantastic fan to a Fantastic Four movie premiere.

We’re not quite teleporting you to an alternate universe, but you won’t be the same when you get back. You and a friend could win the trip of a lifetime and attend a premiere this summer.

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Image: The Grand Slams  

Meet The Slams

America’s favorite breakfast sweethearts are here, and this time, they have eyes, mouths, appendages and opinions. Meet Pancake, Bacon, Egg and Sausage. Don’t be afraid! They don’t bite, you do.

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Image: Denny's Denny's

Denny Hamlin

built a mobile Denny's and it's awesome.

Denny Hamlin's first love wasn't racing. It was Denny's. Now, he's fulfilled his lifelong dream and built his own Denny's Denny's to take on the road. Watch the videos and follow Denny Hamlin's quest to bring his true passion to life.

Check out Denny Hamlin's mobile Denny's and enter for a chance to win a VIP experience with the man himself.

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