Privacy Policy

Denny's Privacy Policy — North America

Last updated December 2019


This privacy policy is designed to tell you:

  • what information Denny’s may collect about you
  • how the information is collected
  • what we use it for
  • your rights regarding the information
  • how to request we delete, correct, and/or disclose information we may have about you
  • other privacy terms and practices

By using our restaurant, website, app, or other services, you consent to the collection, use, and distribution of information about you in a matter that is consistent with this Privacy Policy.

Please use the Contact Us information at the bottom of this page to submit any requests, comments, questions, or concerns related to this policy.


This Privacy Policy covers personal information we collect in North America through Denny’s websites, apps, and restaurants, or through service providers and franchisees. There are separate Denny’s privacy policies for other countries or regions in which there are Denny’s restaurants. Personal information covered by this Privacy Policy may be processed or stored in other countries.

Information We Collect

We may collect personal information about you in the following categories: identifiers, personal information, protected class characteristics, commercial information, biometric information, internet information, geolocation, visual and/or audio information, professional or employment-related information, and inferences. Some information related to information we collect in these categories is contained in the “THIRD PARTIES” section of this Privacy Policy.

Identifiers & Personal Information

We may collect identifying information and personal information about you, such as your name, address, email, birthday, telephone number, education, employment history, IP address, device ID, and the last four digits on your credit and debit cards.

This information may be provided to us by you when you complete an online form for a franchise inquiry, employment inquiry, a loyalty program, or promotion. It may be provided when you post a comment or complaint online, when you swipe your credit/debit card, or through or methods. Some information, such as your IP address and device ID, is collected by us automatically when you use our websites or apps.

Identifying and personal information may be used for a variety of business purposes. It may be used for auditing purposes, such as determining the number of unique visitors to our websites. It may be used to provide analytics about our customers and to support targeted advertising. It may also used so that we know how to contact you and what to call you when responding to an inquiry you have submitted to us. Some information, such as the last four digits of your credit/debit card, is used to identify you and correlate to more comprehensive records.

We may use information about your education to evaluate a job application you have submitted to us, or for another purpose, such as to gather statistical information about our customers. Some information identifying your device may also be used for debugging errors with our website or app. For example, we may hope to determine whether an error is associated with a specific operating system, browser, or device.

Personal and identifying information may also be used to perform services, such as emailing you promotions you have signed up to receive or notifying you of time-sensitive birthday deals. It may be used for internal research and development. For example, we may use this information to determine what foods are most popular among app users in different parts of the country.

Protected class characteristic

We may collect information about your protected class characteristics, such as your gender, race, citizenship, and age, or we may collect information that would lead a reasonable person to infer about your protected class characteristics. For example, if you submit a job inquiry, you may tell us whether you are over 18 and if you can legally work in the United States. This may provide inferences about your age and citizenship status.

We may use this information to ensure we can legally hire you before we consider your application. You have the option of providing your race and gender to us during the job application process. We use this information to comply with government record-keeping and reporting requirements and as a means of evaluating our diversity efforts.

Commercial information

We may collect commercial information about you, such as your spending habits with us or other restaurants. This information may be collected through loyalty programs, promotions, from third parties, and online analytics tools, among other methods. We do not collect information about your spending habits through credit card swipes or other payment processes.

Commercial information about you may be used for auditing purposes, such as to inform us about the spending habits of our customers. It may also be used to perform services, such as offering a website or app experience that is tailored to your interests. For example, we may present food products you have previously purchased more prominently on the app next time you use it.

Internet information

We may collect internet information about you, such as your browsing history, operating system, browser type, and interaction with our websites or apps. This information may be collected automatically when you interact with our websites or apps. It may also be collected through the job application process, when we ask how you heard about us and you tell may identify a website you previously visited.

Internet information may be used for a variety of business purposes, such as debugging, security, auditing, analytics, targeted marketing, research and development, and for other uses. For example, your internet information may help us troubleshoot technical problems when certain devices use our website, or it may give us insights as to how customers are using our apps. We use the “how did you hear about us?” information to evaluate our efforts to attract job applicants on different websites.


When you access our websites or apps through an electronic device, we may automatically collect information about your device’s location. You can opt-out of providing this information by following the prompts on your screen. Geolocation information may be used to perform services for you, such as locating the nearest Denny’s. However, it may also be used for debugging, analytics, security, and other purposes. For example, we may correlate your geolocation information to other data to see how customers from different geographies tend to interact with our websites and apps differently or have different food preferences.

Security Cameras

We may collect visual or audio information, protected class characteristics, biometric information, geolocation, professional or employment information, commercial information, or other personal information through our security cameras in or around Denny’s offices or restaurants.

For example, your health, physical characteristics, gait pattern, race, or gender may be observable on security footage. Security footage may be used to verify your geolocation at a certain date and time, such as in the event of a search warrant. Your occupation may be apparent if you enter a Denny’s while wearing a work uniform.

In most cases, security footage is not shared outside of that particular restaurant. It is usually used for security and detecting or proving criminal behavior.

Professional or employment-related information

We may collect information related to your occupation or employment history, such as through information you provide to us in employment inquiries. We may use this information to evaluate employment inquiries and for other purposes.


We may use information you provide to us to create inferences about you, such as your spending habits with Denny’s, your spending habits generally, or other information about you. This is used for marketing and advertising purposes, as well as research and development. For example, we use inferences to give us insights about our customer demographics and preferences.

Third Parties

Denny's does not sell information about you to others. We also do not share personal information about you with any third-parties we expect will use it for direct-marketing purposes unrelated to Denny’s. With some exceptions outlined in this Privacy Policy, we do not engage in practices that intentionally track your personal behavior across different non-Denny’s websites, apps, or retail locations.

A 3rd party delivery company will receive your contact information for delivery orders.

Targeted Advertising

We may use services from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other websites to target our advertising on those platforms to users that have previously interacted with us. For example, after visiting you may start receiving more advertisements for Denny’s on Facebook.

This ad targeting is done by adding code to our website or app that gives a third-party permission to collect information from visitors or users. This information may include identifiers like device IDs and IP addresses. When you visit the third party’s website or app using the same device and/or IP address, the third party may show you Denny’s ads as a result.

These third parties do not provide us with access to personal information that we could associate with a specific consumer or household. We may tailor advertisements to different population segments on these platforms, but we do not have access to any information about individuals.

Service Providers and Franchisees

Each category of information we collect may be shared between Denny’s, Inc., our franchisees, and our service providers, in order to support the Denny’s brand. For example, customer comments or complaints are often routed to the local franchise owner. We may use billing, analytics, or technical service providers that are given access to personal information about you to support their respective functions in our business.

We may also use personal information about you that we did not collect and do not have direct access to, but is used by a service provider to support the Denny’s brand. For example, after a customer signs up for the Denny’s loyalty program, a third-party analytics provider may correlate the email address and name you provide to their own database with additional information about you.

The third party’s database may supplement our own records with geolocation, protected class characteristics, identifiers, commercial information, professional information, or other personal information that you did not directly provide to us. However, these third parties do not provide us with access to personal information we could associate with a specific consumer or household. They provide us with statistical data, but not individual records.

Merger or Acquisition Activity

We may disclose personal information about you to third parties in the context of a actual or potential merger, sale, lease, acquisition, financing, or disposal of all or any portion of Denny’s, Inc., DFO, LLC, or Denny's Corporation.

Denny’s may be required to retain or disclose information about you in order to complete a transaction with you, cooperate with the government, defend ourselves from a legal claim, protect free speech, or for internal use that is aligned with your reasonable expectations when you directly provided us with personal information.

We may also disclose personal information when it may be necessary to protect the safety, property, or other rights of Denny’s, our customers, or any other person. For example, we may retain security footage, provide information that is the subject of a search warrant, retain information that is reasonably necessary to detect fraud, or share information to assist with detecting or proving criminal behavior.

Children’s Privacy

Denny’s does not knowingly collect personal information about children under the age of 13 without parental consent. The Denny’s website, mobile app, and Denny’s restaurant are intended for a general audience. If you believe we may have collected personal information about a child, please Contact Us and we will work to delete it.

Requests To Provide Or Delete Your Information

As a person about whom we may have personal information, Denny’s is committed to honoring requests to delete or disclose that information to you. We will make reasonable efforts to comply with such requests by any guest regardless of their residency and will comply with all applicable federal and state laws.

Consumer requests

You may request we disclose or delete information we have about you. You can submit a request using the information in the Contact Us section of this Privacy Policy. When you submit a request, we may require that you provide additional personal information for us to verify your identity or locate information about you. This additional information you provide can only be used to assist in processing your request.

In some circumstances, we may or must deny your request. Most of these exceptions are covered in the LEGAL REQUIREMENTS section of this Privacy Policy. We are also not required to disclose information we may have collected for a short-term use that we did not retain or share with others, such as credit card information used exclusively to process payment. Additionally, we may not respond to more than two requests per consumer, per year when not required by applicable law.

If there are no applicable exceptions and we can reasonably verify your identity, we will provide certain disclosures or delete information we have about you, at your request. We will do so within 45 days and at no cost to you.

What we will disclose

The information we will disclose to you includes the following: (1) the categories of information we have about you; (2) the categories of sources from which the personal information is collected; (3) the business or commercial purpose of collecting the information; (4) the categories of third parties with whom we share your personal information; and (5) the specific pieces of information we have about you.

If we disclose your information to others for a business purpose, we will also disclose: (1) the categories of personal information we disclosed and the third parties it was sold to; (2) the categories of personal information we disclosed for a business purpose. Denny’s does not sell information about you to third parties, but we may have disclosed personal information about you to others, such as our service providers or franchisees.

Protection from retaliation

You have a right not to be discriminated against for exercising your privacy rights. For example, we cannot deny you goods or services, charge different rates, or provide discounts or penalties in response to you submitting a privacy request or opting out of providing your information. We may offer promotions, discounts, and other specials to guests who are members of our loyalty program or similar marketing initiatives.

We may deny you services that are reasonably related to the value providing your personal information offers to you as the consumer. For example, if you opt out of providing your geolocation information on our mobile app, this will prevent us from automatically identifying the nearest Denny’s.

We may also offer incentives to provide personal information if certain requirements are met.

Note for job applicants and other employees

If you are an employee, job applicant, contractor, or agent of Denny’s, please be aware that you may fall outside the scope of certain state laws and Denny’s may not be required to disclose personal information related to your employment or application to you or delete any such information.

For more information

Please see the full text of the California Consumer Privacy Act here.

How We Secure Your Information

We have implemented security measures we consider reasonable and appropriate to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of information we have about you. However, we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of personal information. In the unfortunate event that personal information about you is compromised, we may notify you by e-mail, phone, or text.

Links To Other Sites

We may provide links to third party sites. We are not responsible for the content or information collection practices of those sites. Please read the privacy policy of any third party web site before providing them with personal information.

Changes To This Policy

Denny's may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify you of material changes to the policy by revising the Last Updated date at the top of this page. You are responsible for regularly checking this page and noting any changes. However, we also reserve the right to email, text, or call you to notify you of changes to this policy.

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